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Atlantic Eye LLC

Jonathan Ply, MD and the staff of Atlantic Eye LLC have been providing the Grand Strand with the highest quality of eye care for over 18 years.

At Atlantic Eye LLC, all of our services are provided on site, from your evaluation, surgery or treatments to your follow up. We specialize in better vision without the hassles of glasses or contacts.

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Our Mission

To provide the highest advanced quality medical and surgical ophthalmologic care to our patients in a friendly, compassionate, and caring environment.


At Atlantic Eye Optical, we carry a variety of glasses and contacts. We accept most vision plans. Call to see if we participate with your plan.


Atlantic Eye LLC offers two convenient locations in the area, an office in Murrells Inlet and an office in Conway.

Eye Conditions

In order for the eye to see clear images, the cornea and the lens must bend or curve light rays so they can focus on the retina. Click here to learn more about certain conditions and treatment.

Eye Care Services

From comprehensive eye exams to delicate surgical treatment of eye diseases and disorders, we are committed to the complete optical health of every patient.

Myrtle Beach Eye Doctor
Comprehensive Eye Care

We provide primary eye care with a significant emphasis on cataract & refractive surgery, including Lasik & new technology lens implants. We believe that it all begins with a comprehensive eye exam.

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Cataract Surgery Myrtle Beach

A cataract is a condition of the natural (crystalline) lens inside your eye. The lens is located behind the iris and functions just like the lens of a camera - focusing light images on the retina. Service Text

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Lasik Surgery Myrtle Beach

Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis, most commonly known as LASIK, sculpts the cornea with the cool, ultraviolet light of the computer guided excimer laser, under a hinged flap of corneal tissue.

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Refractive Vision Care in Myrtle Beach
Refractive Vision

Refractive Vision Correction is a term used to describe surgical procedures that treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism (refractive errors) by reshaping the cornea.

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What patients say about Atlantic Eye LLC

  • "I couldn’t believe that the morning after my procedure I was 20/20 without glasses. Dr. Ply and his staff were excellent." -Robert Pugh, M.D.

  • "As a physician, i found that the surgery was a fascinating experience. Not only did my distant vision return to childhood clarity, but my near vision continued to be excellent." -Murry G Honick, M.D.

  • "Dr. Ply is the best! I would recommend him and his staff to anyone wanting great vision. It has been three weeks from my surgery and I can see 20/15. Thank you Dr. Ply and your excellent, caring staff of professionals!" - Janet Minick

  • "It’s freedom that I can’t describe! It feels like a miracle. Worth every penny! Wish I would have done this years ago. Dr. Ply and his staff were great!" -Chris MacDonald

  • "Wonderful experience! Dr. Ply and all the staff are excellent. I will definitely recommend this procedure and this group to anyone who is interested in obtaining great vision and throwing away their glasses/contacts!" -Carol Malcolm